Halloween Safety Precautions for Dog Owners

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Major holidays are a busy time for most families, and ensuring that our dogs are kept safe and cared for is important. While Halloween might not seem like a major holiday for some, it does attract most of our attention toward children, decorations, and delicious candy. Even though it's normal for us, and we often enjoy seeing everyone dressed up in costumes, it might be a little frightening and confusing for our dogs. Therefore, it's essential we take the time to make sure our dogs are safe and sound. With these tips, you're well on your way to a happy and safe Halloween.


Keep Candy Away From Your Dog

This is probably a no-brainer for most dog owners, but it's important to emphasize the dangers of candy for dogs. Especially when it comes to chocolate, candy can cause some very serious toxicity and other health issues in our dogs. Make sure that you keep all of the candy somewhere your dog won't be able to reach it. Remember, some hungry dogs will climb onto tables and counters to get their fill! Don't leave your dog unsupervised around candy he can reach, and make sure that you put all candy safely away when you're not eating it. Just in case, read up on what to do if your dog gets a hold of some chocolate treats.

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Be Aware of Costumes

Although seeing friends and children in costumes of all types is really enjoyable for us, it can have a negative effect on our dogs. A costume can be frightening for our pets, even if you're the one wearing it. Dogs might be afraid of anyone in a costume, and on Halloween there are a lot of costumed people walking around looking very scary. Not only will your dog be emotionally uncomfortable, he might also feel like he has nowhere to hide and feel safe. This can cause even the sweetest dogs to become aggressive and fearful. It's best to keep your dog away from costumes if he shows any sort of fear.

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Watch Your Decorations

While most dogs are likely to ignore Halloween decorations, young puppies might find them very interesting. This can lead to chewing and ingestion of dangerous items, and we certainly don't want to have any emergency veterinary visits. Other decorations, such as fake spiderwebs, might trap our dogs if they try to walk through, and frighten or hurt them. Larger decorations might be scary for dogs. Whatever decorations you choose, make sure that your dog isn't bothered by them, and that he feels comfortable enough in his own home.

Keep Pets Confined, With Proper Identification

Each dog is an individual and will react differently to Halloween, but even those that love the holiday should be properly confined and have identification. We never know what will happen, so it's best to be prepared. If your dog likes Halloween, make sure you keep him leashed if you're walking around the neighborhood trick-or-treating or sitting in the front yard. If your dog is frightened, it's best to keep him in a secure room or crate where he can feel safe. All of these actions will prevent your dog from escaping and becoming lost and possibly injured, and proper identification will ensure that if an accident does occur, your pup will be reunited with you.

Tips for Responsible Dog Owners

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