How does that little puppy mouth hold so many teeth?

Puppies that nip and bite are mostly just being playful. However if they are playing like this and it hurts it usually is a sign that they have not yet learned bite inhibition. Puppies’ baby teeth are needle-sharp, and they use them often. Just as toddlers touch everything with their hands to explore the world, puppies use their mouth as a tool for exploring and learning about their environment. 
In addition, the teething period when puppies lose their baby teeth can be painful for them as they might have sore gums and need to chew more frequently to relieve the pain. 
The AKC GoodDog! Helpline team of experienced trainers will help you through this trying period in their webinar on Puppy Chewing/Nipping Solutions.

Watching this Webinar will get you some helpful tips on:

  • Puppy-proofing your house.
  • Teaching puppies not to nip too hard.
  • Selecting the right toys so your puppy can chew safely.

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