Special Reports


The AKC offers a variety of Special Reports with data for dogs in competition, titles, and registration. Customized reports are also available. Fees for these reports vary, with special pricing extended to Parent Clubs.

Examples of Special Reports include:

  • Best of Opposite Sex Dogs Defeated Points.
  • Number of dogs in a specific breed that have achieved a specific AKC Title in a given year.
  • Number of dogs in a specific breed that have ever achieved a specific AKC title.
  • Monthly New Title Reports -- Free of charge to all Parent Clubs.
  • Dogs in a specific breed that have competed in either Agility or Obedience within a given time frame.
  • Dogs in a specific breed with OTCH or MACH points.
  • Number of litters born in a specific breed that were the result of a Natural Breeding, AI, Chilled/extended or Frozen Semen.
  • Registration Statistics in a given year for a breed (Individual and/or litter).


Examples of Customized Reports include:

  • Youngest dog of "breed" to win "title."
  • Dog number and name of Best in Show wins for "breed."
  • List of all past "breed" Best in Show and Best in Specialty.
  • Breakdown of colors for "breed" for dogs registered in "time frame."


To order a report or for more information, please send an e-mail to Reports@akc.org.