The AKC Booth

The AKC Booth makes appearances throughout the country, servicing a large geographical area while reaching varied sizes of events and types of venues. The Booth provides visitors with a large selection of brochures, rulebooks, crucial alerts and responsible dog ownership educational material. Annually the booth hosts over 160,000 visitors, ranging from the general public in the US and the UK to the most seasoned dog fancier of many nationalities.

At all events booth staff promotes AKC registration, responsible dog ownership, children's education and information about legislative issues affecting the welfare of dogs and the fancy. Also, the booth staff supports local clubs, teachers, and veterinarians who visit the booth by providing information and materials to support their education efforts.

Other booth activities:

  • Dog Show Tours --- The booth is the beginning or the conclusion for local dog show tours.
  • Kids' Tours --- Tours and kid-friendly materials are offered to children attending local shows.
  • Government Relations and Public Education Presentations --- Staff from these departments share important updates about new AKC education and legislation materials and local and state legislation that may impact dog owners.
  • AKC Publications Subscription Specials, VISA Enrollment, CGC Specials, etc.

Featured Booth Products

There are a number of great products that can be ordered at the booth including:

Three and Four Generation AKC Certified Pedigrees. Breeders, owners, exporters and importers have taken advantage of this great new service, which is offered at the booth at discounted prices and is printed on the spot right at the shows.
Duplicate title certificates for only $15.00! Purchase an extra title certificate for a co-owner or co-breeder!
AKC's Title Medallion. Purchase your new title medallion (to be engraved by you with your local engraver), and receive the title Certificate of Authenticity on the spot.