Banner Program


Frequently Asked Questions

In response to the many requests we've received for banners and questions about how to participate in the AKC banner program, we have created this list of questions and answers to address your concerns. We've included information about where to get the banners, where to hang them and other matters of interest. Please don't hesitate to contact the Club Educational Services department at 8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27617-3390 or if you have additional questions or concerns.

What is the purpose of the AKC banner program?
The banner program is part of our grassroots image campaign to promote the AKC and the world of purebred dogs. Many in the general public are unfamiliar with AKC's leadership role in working for purebred dogs and unaware of the relationship between the AKC and affiliated clubs. The display of AKC banners at shows and events is a first step toward correcting this lack of recognition.

Where can we get banners?
AKC banners are now part of AKC licensed Superintendents' equipment. To launch the first tier of this two-tiered program, AKC provided banners at no charge to all Superintendents. Superintendents will work with clubs to hang AKC banners at shows across the country. Superintendents will purchase replacement banners just as they purchase scales, ramps and wickets.

What if we don't use a Superintendent?
In addition to the banners provided by AKC to Superintendents, AKC has developed a selection of banners and signs for clubs to purchase directly from an AKC approved vendor. This is the second tier of the program. Clubs that don't use a Superintendent, or clubs that want a broader variety of signs and banners than what the Superintendent carries, are encouraged to purchase banners and signs from the AKC vendor. For details, click here.

How does the banner program apply to a Specialty Club?
The banner program policies apply to all clubs. If you are using a Superintendent that is providing equipment, the Superintendent will provide the banners. Clubs that are not using a Superintendent are not required to display banners but are encouraged to purchase and display AKC banners in prominent places at their events.

Our club uses the services of a Superintendent, but the Superintendent does not supply the equipment. What are our obligations in regard to the banner program?
If the Superintendent does not supply the equipment, it is not mandatory for clubs to participate in the banner program. However, clubs are encouraged to purchase and display AKC banners in prominent places at their events.

Our club does not use a Superintendent but we would like to hang a banner at our shows. Unfortunately we cannot afford to buy one. Will you send us one at no cost? We have a place to store it so we can use it year after year.
The AKC looked into the logistics of this and conducted a cost analysis of providing banners at no cost to clubs. We discovered it would be cost-prohibitive and we will not be able to provide the banners at no cost to clubs.

We'd like to place our club logo on an AKC banner. May we do that?
Yes. The AKC designated vendor offers several designs for banners that include a club's name and logo. We know it's important for clubs to promote their own image in their territory and to the local media. For details about customized banners, click here.

May we order the AKC banners in our club colors, purple and gold?
The AKC banners are uniform in color and design so they have national recognition and promote a uniform image of the AKC. For your individual club banners, you may order customized colors and designs.

Before AKC introduced this program, our club purchased a banner from a local vendor. The banner includes our club logo and the AKC logo. It's not the same design or color as the banners you recently introduced. May we still use our own banner?
Certainly. We commend your club for its insight and recognizing the importance of promoting its image and the AKC's image in your local community. We encourage you to consider adding an AKC-designed banner and hanging that also.

Is there anything you can send me with pictures and prices? I need them to take to my club meeting. I am not able to download anything from your website.
Please contact the AKC Club Educational Services Department, 8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27617-3390, 919-816-3723, and we'll mail or fax illustrations and a pricelist to present to your club.

How long does it take to get a banner designed and made?
We have selected a vendor who assures us that he is able to meet most deadlines. Please tell him about your timeframe and he will make every effort to supply the banners and signs as needed.

I have an estimate from a local sign vendor. He will give me a lower price. Can I order the AKC banner from him?
We prefer that you use the AKC designated vendor to purchase AKC banners and signs so we have uniformity in color and design but it is not mandatory.

Where should we hang AKC banners?
Banners should be hung in prominent and highly visible areas. Every show layout is different so you'll have to make decisions based on your individual site. Consider hanging banners at or near the show entrance, near catalog tables, as a backdrop for the show photographer, at your club's education table and near show rings. There are many options and you are encouraged to work with the Superintendent or club volunteers to select the best spots for maximum exposure.

Are banners designed for use at outdoor shows and events?
The banners are a sturdy vinyl but you are encouraged to use common sense in deciding when and where to hang them. If it is extremely windy at your outdoor show, for example, it may not be wise to hang banners. AKC recognizes the need for flexibility in determining banner locations because there are so many different types of shows and events and so many variations in site layouts.

May we ask our Field Representatives or our dog show sponsor for help with hanging banners?
Field representatives usually arrive after a show is set up but if they are available we encourage you to seek their advice and direction. Field Representatives recognize the importance of the banner program and we have been heartened by their eagerness to help when possible. We encourage you to seek help from your dog show sponsors also. Some bring equipment to hang their own banners at ceiling heights and may be willing to hang your banners at the same time.

If a banner falls and hurts someone, is the club liable?
The insurance generally supplied to clubs by Superintendents (check to see if the Superintendent includes the club as co-insured) along with the club's own insurance should cover any injuries caused by banners. The banners are now part of the required equipment for Superintendents, so the same policies that protect from liability when using other Superintendent equipment such as scales, ramps, and wickets, apply.

How much money does the AKC make on this program?
The AKC banner program generates no revenue for the AKC. The AKC receives no royalties from the AKC designated banner vendor.

Will our club be fined if we choose not to participate in the AKC banner program?
The club may be fined $300 if the club does not cooperate with the Superintendent in hanging the banners. Here are several examples of when a club may be fined:

  • A Superintendent brings the banners and suggests several locations for hanging them. The club doesn't like those locations and will not permit the Superintendent to hang the banners. The club will not suggest or approve alternate locations to hang the banners.
  • The club tells the Superintendent not to hang the banners anywhere on the show site.
  • The Field Representative sees that the club is not cooperating with the Superintendent in hanging the banners and finds the club at fault.

I am a banner and sign vendor and would like to submit a bid to provide these signs for the AKC. What is the process to do so?
Please send information regarding prices and designs on your company stationery to AKC, Club Educational Services Department, 8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27617-3390. Include detailed information about your company and we will review.