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Tibetan Terrier
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Tibetan Terriers came from the land of Tibet where, they were bred and raised in the monasteries by the Lamas almost 2,000 years ago. Originating in the Lost Valley ("lost" when the access road was destroyed in the 14th century by a major earthquake) they were prized as companions and "Luck Bringers" or "Holy Dogs" for those fortunate enough to own them. The breed was called "terrier" because it was of a size widely associated with terriers. The occasional visitor to the Lost Valley who made the hazardous journey was often given a dog to safeguard him on the return trip to the outside world. In the 1920s a practicing physician was given a dog by a grateful Tibetan whose wife he had treated. When the physician returned to England, she established a famous kennel.

The first "official" Tibetan Terrier arrived in the United States in 1956, an import from the above kennel and since then, the breed has attracted fanciers from Canada to Florida, and from coast to coast. Tibetan Terriers were valued in Tibet as companions, and were treated like children of the family. Like the children, they eagerly assisted in taking care of the family's property, their flocks, and their herds, but they were not raised for utilitarian purposes. The breed was kept pure-bred, as any mismating might bring bad luck to the family and might even be blamed for any village misfortune.

The Tibetan Terrier was admitted to registration in The American Kennel Club Stud Book on May 1, 1973, and to regular show classification in the Non-Sporting Group at AKC shows October 3, 1973.

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