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Spinone Italiano
Did You Know
Looking for a Spinone Italiano?

  • The Spinone Club of America and the Club Italian Spinone, U.S.A. were both formed in the late 1980s. CISP, U.S.A. is also the official sister club of the Club Italiano Spinone of Italy.
  • The Spinone Italiano is AKC's 146th breed.
  • The Spinone originated in Italy, where it is estimated to be a cross of coarsehaired Italian Setters, bred with those left by Greek traders and others from the Adriatic coast, in addition to crosses with the White Mastiff and perhaps French Griffons.
  • The highly adaptable Spinone Italiano is known for its superior nose and ultrasoft mouth.
  • The Spinone is also known as the Italian Coarsehaired Pointer.

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