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Russian Toy
Did You Know
Looking for a Russian Toy?

  • The Russian Toy has been assigned the Toy Group designation.
  • The Russian Toy has been recorded in the Foundation Stock Service since August 2008.
  • The Russian Toy comes in two varieties, the Smooth Coat which has a short, shiny, close-lying coat and the Long Coat which has profuse featherings on the ears, tail, and back of limbs.
  • The breed was developed in 19th century Russia and was a popular companion for the aristocracy.
  • The first reference to the breed is attributed to an entry of 11 Russian Toy Terriers at an exhibition in St. Petersburg in May of 1907.
  • The first official standard for the two varieties was written in 1966.
  • The Smooth Coat Russian Toy was once known as the Russian Toy Terrier and the Long Coat Russian Toy was once known as the Moscow Long Haired Toy Terrier. In 1988 the two varieties were added together as the Russian Toy Terrier with Smooth Coat and Long Coat varieties. The term "Terrier" was dropped from the breed's name when it was added to the official list of breeds registered with the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.
  • The breed has survived two near extinctions. The first was during the rise of Communism in Russia. It was frowned upon keep these small dogs that were intrinsically linked to the aristocracy. The second was with the fall of the "Iron Curtain", a number of other small breeds were imported for the first time and favors for the Russian Toy began to diminish again.
  • Both varieties are still extremely rare. The breed was virtually unheard of outside of its native homeland until the 1990's.

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