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Portuguese Water Dog
Did You Know
Looking for a Portuguese Water Dog?

  • The Portuguese Water Dog once existed all along Portugal's coast, where it was taught to herd fish into nets, to retrieve lost tackle or broken nets, and to act as a courier from ship to ship, or ship to shore.
  • There are two "clips" or cuts that are considered acceptable on the Portuguese Water Dog: the lion clip (with a shorn rear) and the working clip (with all hair left intact).
  • The Portuguese Water Dog coat is profuse, non-allergenic, non-shedding, and waterproof.
  • The Portuguese Water Dog has webbed feet.
  • When Portugal faced social upheaval in the early 20th century, Dr. Vasco Bensuade, a wealthy Portuguese shipping magnate and dog fancier, took it upon himself to save the Portuguese Water Dog breed.
  • Sixteen people met at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Miller, who had received a pair of the breed in a rare-breed trade, in order to form the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America. The breed became an AKC breed in January 1984.

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