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Lhasa Apso
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Beyond the northern boundary of India, where the mighty Mount Everest stands like a guardian sentinel, is the mysterious land of Tibet, a country where conditions are hard on man and beast because of the intense cold and great heat. This is the home of the Lhasa Apso, known in that land as Abso Seng Kye, the "Bark Lion Sentinel Dog". Small wonder, then, that these members of dogdom should be of such hardy and vigorous constitution.

Since danger threatened from without and within in this strange land, a huge Mastiff was chained to a post beside the outer door to prevent intruders from entering, while Lhasa Apsos were kept as special guards inside the dwellings. For this work, the little dogs were peculiarly adapted by their intelligence, quick hearing, and finely developed instinct for distinguishing intimates from strangers.

The Lhasa Apso, from the lamaseries and villages around the sacred city of Lhasa, is one of three breeds native to Tibet that are in the Non-Sporting Group. The others are the Tibetan Terrier and the Tibetan Spaniel. Of the three, the Lhasa was the first admitted to AKC registration - in 1935. It was originally shown in the Terrier Group, then reassigned to the Non-Sporting in 1959.

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