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Looking for a Kuvasz?

The Turkish word is kawasz, which means "armed guard of the nobility."

There is little doubt of the part that the Kuvasz played in the history of the kingdoms and empires which flourished throughout Europe five to eight centuries ago. Dogs of this breed were the constant companions of many rulers.

It was in Hungary that the Kuvasz developed into the form in which he is seen today. He is still a big dog but not the giant of ancient times. King Mathias I, who reigned from 1458 to 1490 had at least one Kuvasz with him at all times. He developed a large pack for hunting purposes. The scope of his breeding did much to perpetuate a strain of the breed. Surpluspuppies were presented only to the noblemen and to visiting dignitaries.

Eventually, long after King Marthias, members of the breed came into the hands of the commoners, shepherds found them suitable to work sheep and cattle. It was in this period the name was changed to its current spelling.

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