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Japanese Chin
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The Japanese Chin's origin and development in its native land of China is wrapped in royalty and adoration. They were bred for the sole purpose of accompanying the ladies of the Imperial Palace and warming the laps of Chinese aristocracy. There are illustrations on ancient pottery and embroideries that are centuries old, and evidence suggests that one could not purchase a Chin - they were kept in the hands of the nobility and frequently given as gifts of esteem to diplomats and to foreigners who rendered some outstanding service to Japan.

In 1853, Commodore Perry brought the first Chins over from Japan to England and a pair of these dogs was given to Queen Victoria. In time, specimens came to America but there remains no record as to their final destination here. During World War I, the supply of Japanese Chins to America was cut off to such an extent that breeders were limited to the dogs already here. Japan, too, suffered losses when earthquakes played havoc among their breeders. Dogs found in England and Europe have helped to maintain a high level of quality and have since made their way to America to blend with the established lines here. The breed's compact size, coupled with being naturally clean, intelligent and sensitive, makes this an ideal companion.

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