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Great Pyrenees
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The breed is of French royalty and nobility and working associate of the peasant shepherds high on the slopes of the Pyrenees Mountains. His remains are found in the fossil deposits of the Bronze Age, which roughly dates his appearance in Europe between 1800 and 1000 BC, although it is believed that he came originally from Central Asia or Siberia and followed the migration into Europe.

It was in the isolation of the lonely mountain pastures that the Pyrenean Mountain Dog developed his inherent traits of devotion, fidelity, sense of guardianship, and intelligent understanding of mankind. Here, in the days when packs of wild animals roamed the mountain slopes freely, he was the official guardian of the flocks. With the dogs' ability to scent and keen sight he was an invaluable companion of the shepherd.

The Great Pyrenees was recognized by the American Kennel Club in February of 1933. History credits the first pair to be brought to the United States by General Lafayette for his friend J. S. Skinner in 1824.

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