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Gordon Setter
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The Gordon hails from Scotland, and his ancient lineage traces back to the early 17th century. Popular among hunters of Scotland, the black-and-tan Setter came into prominence in the kennels of the fourth Duke of Gordon in the early 19th century. Early Gordons were described as "easy to break and naturally back well...not fast dogs, but...good staying powers" and endurance, seldom "making a false point or a sensational stand." Notable for their beauty as well as their bird sense, Gordons were imported to America by George Blunt in 1842, where his popularity soared to the heights enjoyed by the breed overseas.

As field-trials became more popular, the Gordon's popularity waned in favor of Pointers and other flashy, fast breeds, but the breed remained unparalleled as a one-man shooting dog. Due to his retentive memory and keen intelligence, the Gordon needed no retraining with each season, making him valuable as a hunting dog since he improves with age. Gordon breeders, backed by a strong national club in the US, make no distinction between field or show types. The Gordon is heavier than the other setters, and distinctive in color (black-and-tan, easily viewed in light fields and early snow).

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