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English Toy Spaniel
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Following the spread of civilization from East to West, it is natural that most of the oldest breeds of dog trace their origin to eastern countries; the history of the English Toy Spaniel follows this path. Authorities agree the dog's ancestry to be in Japan, and possibly China of ancient times, but the exactness remains a matter of doubt. It is certain the Toy Spaniel did not make its first appearance in England during the reign of King Charles I, for whom the black and tan variety took its name. The Toy Spaniel was present more than a hundred years before.

The black and tan, King Charles, appear to have been the King's favorite and the emphasis in early breeding programs was on this variety. For a long time the varieties were bred with out reference to color, producing several varieties in the same litter. Historians have noted that families of privilege had their favorites and breeding programs closely aligned with development of a single variety and purpose.

Although an adornment to many owners desiring a merry, affectionate dog of distinction the English Toy Spaniel was said to be a fine small hunting spaniel, particularly on woodcock. The English Toy Spaniel achieved breed recognition with The American Kennel Club in 1886.

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