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Central Asian Shepherd Dog
Looking for a Central Asian Shepherd Dog?

The Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are said to be the oldest known group of dogs in existence today. Dating back over 5,000 years according to Artifacts found in native lands.

Unlike most breeds today they are not man made or created by any specific person or country. They were created by the climate and culture of uncivilized time long forgot. You will find different breed types depending on terrain from the mountains of Mongolia to the deserts of the Kara Kum. Their history is merged with the civilization of man and their timeline can be found by tracing the history of the ancient silk route. To understand their past history you must understand a time when surviving one day against extreme climates, predators now extinct and invading tribes was a goal not easily achieved.

Today you will find Nomadic tribes using this pedigree group of dogs to guard what they hold sacred, their family and their ancient form of transportation, be it Camels or Horses. Recent History has these dogs improperly classified as Traditional Livestock guardian dogs. They are territorial guardians bred to guard people and their possessions. They seek out human attention, thus bonding with their humans first and the flock second. They guard what ever is placed in their perceived territory.

Present history has a division between breed types and creations of new ones. The Former USSR is credited with standardizing the breed in the 1920's. However, the recent creation of a new Russian standard years after USSR Rule ended in their native lands has resulted in a modern version of the breed in Russia (called the Central Asian Ovcharka). This new versions has separated them from other aboriginal types found in the native countries of Central Asia. We are just now seeing the difference of size, color and temperament between native species and modern Russian cultivated dogs.

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