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Did You Know
Looking for a Briard?

  • The Briard is a very old breed of French working dog.
  • The Briard is depicted in French tapestries as early as the 8th century.
  • In early times, Briards were used to defend their charges against wolves and poachers, but they eventually became more peaceful herding dogs.
  • History credits both the Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson with bringing specimens of the Briard to the Americas.
  • Legend has it that Chien Berger de Brie - the early name of the breed - is actually a misnomer of Chien d'Aubry, from a 14th century recounting of Aubry de Montdidier as having erected a cathedral in memory of his valiant dog - supposedly a Briard -who saved his son's life.
  • In 1909, a French society called Les Amis du Briard (Friends of the Briard) was founded which eventually drew up a precise standard in 1925.
  • Thomas Jefferson became interested in Briards while serving as minister to France. He purchased a pregnant female named "Buzzy" and started his breeding program. Lafayette also sent Jefferson purebred dogs - two Briards to help protect his sheep.

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