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Border Terrier
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As its name suggests, the Border has its origin on either side of the Cheviot Hills which form the Border country, and may be regarded as one of the oldest kinds of terriers in Great Britain. Border farmers, shepherds, and sportsmen for generations preserved a particular strain of Border that was a purely "working terrier," expertly trained at following fox tirelessly in all-weather environments to protect stock.

The Border farmer and shepherd required a game terrier with length of leg sufficient to follow a horse, yet small enough to follow a fox to ground. The dogs had to be active, strong, tireless; they had to have weather-resistant coats in order to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements.

Until the English Kennel Club recognition was given, the Border Terrier was unknown to the great majority, but he was always exhibited in considerable numbers at most of the Agricultural Societies' shows in the Border country. Following recognition by the English Kennel Club and the formation of the Border Terrier Club in 1920, the breed has been catered to at many of the important shows in the British Isles, and the first registration of the breed with the AKC was in 1930.

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