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Bedlington Terrier
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The Bedlington Terrier takes it name from the mining shire of that name, in the County of Northumberland, England. Purely a Northumbrian production, he first came to be known as the Rothbury Terrier, having originated in the Hannys hills, where the sporting squires loved a game terrier.

The origin of the breed remains a mystery, although as far back as 1820, it is known that a Joseph Ainsley of Bedlington acquired a bitch, Coates Phoebe, who was bred in 1825 to produce the first Bedlington Terrier. About this time, a colony of nailers in Bedlington took to the breed and became known for their plucky terriers. Their dogs were famous for their abilities in drawing badgers and ratting, despite their smaller size than most of the dogs of the day.

In 1877, the National Bedlington Terrier Club (England) was formed by a few influential fanciers who made themselves responsible for bringing the breed to the notice of the public by exhibiting him on the show bench. Since then, the breed has made great strides in type.

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