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American Foxhound
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According to well-known authorities, the first mention of hounds being imported to America dates back to 1650, when Robert Brooke sailed for the Crown Colony in America with a pack of hounds. These hounds were the basis of several strains of American Hounds. Hounds from France and England were brought in to further develop the breed in the middle to late 1700’s. The pioneers of the American Foxhound were located in Maryland, Virginia and Tennessee with strains that included Walker, Trigg and Goodman hounds.

While the American Foxhound was in the developmental stages, there were four basic purposes that the breed was being used for: a field trial hound (for competition where speed and a jealous nature were important), a hound for hunting fox with a hunter (a slow worker with a good voice), trail or drag hounds (speed being the only factor) and pack hounds (numbering fifteen to twenty or more, used by hunt clubs and farmers).

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