A Guide to Breeding Your Dog

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A Guide to Breeding Your Dog
Step Six - Finalize Stud Contract
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You have performed all necessary health checks, genetic screenings, and selected the perfect mate for your bitch. Now it's time to work out the details of the mating.

It is an excellent idea to work out a contract with the owner of the stud dog before breeding takes place. The agreement concerning stud fees should be in writing and clearly state all obligations and circumstances. The contract should be signed by all parties to the transaction, and each signer should receive a copy.

The stud fee is set by the stud dog's owner. The mode of payment may differ. The stud owner may request a cash fee, "pick of the litter," one or more puppies from the resulting litter, etc. The collection of the stud fee is the stud owner's responsibility. The contract may state that the owner of the sire is not obligated to sign an AKC litter registration application until the stud fee has been paid. Keep in mind that the AKC cannot settle disputes between individuals in regards to contracts and breeding arrangements.