A Guide to Breeding Your Dog

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A Guide to Breeding Your Dog
Step Two - Breed to Improve
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The motto of the responsible breeder of purebred dogs is "Breed to Improve."

Every dog is the best dog in the world to its owner. Responsible breeders, however, know to avoid "kennel blindness" -- in other words, they take a step back and honestly evaluate the good and bad points of their dogs before making the decision to breed. The goal of breeding, after all, is to produce a better dog and a quality pet.

Examine your dog carefully. Recognize its flaws. If you decide to continue with the breeding process, look for a mate that will eliminate or balance those flaws. The national parent club for your breed may also provide assistance.

One of the best ways to get an objective opinion of your dog is to test it against others. Consider attending a dog show to determine how your dog measures up against the best specimens of its breed.