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A Guide to Breeding Your Dog
Step Fourteen - Wean Puppies from Their Mother
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There are many rules of thought about weaning your puppies. Experienced breeders tend to use methods that work best for them and their respective breed. It is recommended that you contact your veterinarian to discuss a feeding regimen for your litter. 

Most puppies begin the weaning process at about two to four weeks of age. Some breeders recommend starting them off by offering a pan of puppy formula in place of their mother's milk. Other breeders combine the puppy formula with some presoaked or grinded dry puppy food and/or baby rice cereal to create gruel. 

As the puppies get older, most breeders start adding more food and decrease the amount of formula.

To avoid digestive upsets, be sure to introduce all changes in food or feeding schedules gradually.

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