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A Guide to Breeding Your Dog
Step Thirteen - Register Your Litter with the AKC Soon After Whelping
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One of your most important tasks as a breeder is to ensure that your litter is registered with the AKC. Registering the puppies creates a record of their place in the history of your breeding program and in the development of the breed. It also opens the doors for the puppies' new owners to the wide array of services, information, and events provided or sponsored by the AKC.

You should be able to provide the new owners with a registration application at the time the puppy is sold. Therefore, it is essential that you apply to register your litter promptly after the puppies are born.

There are two easy options for you to register your litter. You can register your litter online on AKC.org by going to Online Litter Registration. When you register your litter online, you can get your litter kit in as little as two to five business days. Or you can download an application, fill it out, and send to the AKC.  

Registering your puppies with the AKC is another way to give your puppies a great start in life. Additionally, it confirms for your new puppy owners that you are a dedicated and responsible breeder.

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