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The NY Assembly Agriculture Committee is considering a bill tomorrow (Tuesday, May 19) that would clarify current law regarding minimum standards for dogs kept in outdoor shelters. Current law already provides minimum requirements for dogs kept outdoors in inclement weather and extreme temperatures. Assembly Bill 7033 contains reasonable clarifications to these requirements that would protect dogs kept outdoors and ensure they are kept in humane conditions and protected from the elements.

A bill remains active in Iowa that would further regulate breeders, hobbyists, fanciers, groomers, and rescues and require them to pay significant license fees. Iowa dog owners, breeders, and fanciers are strongly encouraged to contact your State Senator and ask them to oppose Senate File 502. Even if you already contacted your Senator on a previous version of this bill, please do so again and let them know that the latest version is still not acceptable and will not help improve the lives of dogs in Iowa.