AKC Employee Benefits

The American Kennel Club is proud of its reputation as both the country's premier dog organization and as an excellent employer.

AKC's benefit program adds substantial value to its employees' total compensation picture. The overall program provides meaningful, competitive benefits that fit employees' needs, easy to use, and are affordable.

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In addition,

  • Dog-related benefits include a 25% subsidy for the AKC Pet Healthcare Plan, free CAR enrollment and purebred dog registration, and in AKC's North Carolina office, employees have the opportunity to bring their dogs to work.
  • Our employee-led Events Teams in both offices employees the opportunity to build leadership skills, promote a positive workplace, and make a difference in their community.
  • AKC's in-house employee newsletter "Scribbles 'n Bits" connects staff throughout the country.
  • Banking benefits include Coastal Federal Credit Union, Wachovia at Work, and First Union PERK. New York employees may participate in the Transit-Chek program.

Healthcare Highlights

AKC makes available a comprehensive healthcare program consisting of medical, dental, vision, and prescription coverage.

AKC offers one medical plan – United Healthcare’s Medical Choice Plus PPO. Members have an extensive provider network to choose from and can see a specialist without referral. Out of network services are available at a higher deductible and coinsurance. Prescription coverage includes a mail order pharmacy program.

Employees have a choice of two comprehensive dental plans.

The Vision plan covers eye exams and materials for very low co-payments and out-of- paycheck cost.

All employees and their families may seek confidential help through the company-paid Employee Assistance Program.

A Medical Waiver Incentive is offered to employees covered under another group medical plan.

Flexible Spending Accounts help employees keep out-of-pocket costs low. Employees may set aside up to $2,500 per year on a pre-tax basis to pay for eligible Healthcare expenses. In addition, up to $5,000 per year can be set aside in a Dependent Care account to cover expenses such as day care or elder care.

Retirement Resources

AKC employees can build resources for their retirement.

AKC's 401(k). The plan allows employees to contribute a portion of their income into a retirement investment account. Payroll contributions and net gains are tax-free until the employee takes a distribution. AKC matches 100% of the first 1% and 50% of the next 5% of the participant’s salary contributed to the plan.

Employees are fully vested in the AKC's contributions in the plan at five years of eligible service.

Paid Time Off

AKC observes eight company holidays. In addition, full-time employees receive paid vacation and four floating holidays. Vacation time is based on length of service. All employees also receive up to two personal days per year.

Career Development and Advancement

AKC employees can take advantage of a number of learning opportunities including tuition reimbursement, outside training, and the AKC University program. AKC-U includes the popular "World of AKC" that includes dog sport related classes as well as those that teach work-place skills, computer training, and personal development.

The average AKC employee has been with the company for over seven years. Many employees have broadened their experience within the company through the AKC Job Posting Program that allows employees to apply internally for open positions. And, since employees are great recruiters, AKC pays an Employee Referral Bonus for successful referrals.

Disability Income Protection

AKC provides up to six paid sick days to full time employees each year. In addition, a Short Term Disability plan pays benefits for up to 26 weeks at 50% of salary.

In the event of an extended illness, the Long Term Disability plan pays up to 60% of base earnings.

Survivor Benefits

Benefits to assist families include:

  • Company-paid group term life and AD&D insurance
  • Employee-paid supplemental life insurance
  • Employee-paid dependent life insurance
  • Company-paid Travel insurance

Benefits Availability