Judging Departments

The Judging Departments are divided into 4 different areas which maintain the judges and activities for AKC competition:

  • Conformation Judges
  • Performance Events
  • Coonhound Events
  • Companion Events 

Conformation Judges

P.O. Box 900062
Raleigh, NC 27675-9062
phone: 919-816-3570 or 3593 (CONFORMATION ONLY)
fax: 919-816-4225
e-mail: judgingops@akc.org
e-mail: judgesed@akc.org
Executive Field Representative/Education Liaison e-mail: shv@akc.org

The American Kennel Club has long directed special attention to the judging approval process, with particular emphasis on the improvement of judging. All Conformation judges apply to and are approved through Judging Operations. Quality judging is based upon breed expertise combined with knowledge of the Breed Standards, governing Rules, Regulations and Policies achieved through lifetime experience and judges education.

The Conformation Judges Department consists of 5 in-house staff that process applications, maintains judge's records, judge's educational seminars and prepares the publication of the Judge's Directory, Rules, Policies and Guidelines for Conformation Dog Show Judges, and the Judge's Application Process Manual. Also, 13 Conformation Field Representatives who attend approximately 3000 events yearly, acting as a liaison for assistance to clubs and judges. Sue Vroom is the Parent Club Education Liaison email address listed above.

Performance Events

P.O. Box 900051
Raleigh, NC 27675-9051
phone: 919-816-3904
fax: 919-816-3905
e-mail: coursing@akc.org
e-mail: earthdog@akc.org
e-mail: fieldtrials@akc.org
e-mail: herding@akc.org
e-mail: huntingtest@akc.org

The Performance Events Department consists of 7 in-house staff that process applications, results, update judge's records, as well as maintain current rules and regulations for the 14 venues that fall under Performance Events. 17 Performance Field Representatives cover over 800 events a year as well as conducting judges' seminars.

Coonhound Events

Attn: Coonhound Events
8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27617-3390
phone: 919-816-3909
fax: 919-816-4209

The Coonhound Events Department consists of 3 in-house staff that process applications, maintain Judge's records, and record results for four types of coonhound events; nite hunt, bench show, field trial, and water race. The Department prepares advertisements, news columns, event listings, and event standings for publication online and in monthly coonhound periodicals. Additionally, a field staff of four Executive Field Representatives fills an entrepreneurial role, contacting clubs and establishing a nationwide network of AKC coonhound events. The Field Staff acts as liaison for clubs and the AKC, participates in club approval and serves clubs and exhibitors alike with regulation interpretation and support services at the events.

Companion Events

P.O. Box 900068
Raleigh, NC 27675-9068
phone: 919-816-3821
fax: 919-816-4204
e-mail: obedience@akc.org
e-mail: agility@akc.org
e-mail: tracking@akc.org
e-mail: rally@akc.org

The American Kennel Club Companion Events Department governs all of its own judging operations. All obedience, rally, tracking and agility judges apply to and are approved through Companion Events. It is the goal of this department to ensure that all of our judges are fluent in the AKC regulations for their respective sports and effectively provide AKC Companion Events with fair and consistent judging at any event.

The Companion Events consists of 5 in-house staff and 12 Field Representatives who act as liaison for clubs and the AKC, participate in the judging approval process, and provide educational and mentoring assistance to clubs and judges.