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  • How do I join a dog club?

    First you need to define your interest in the sport. Almost every AKC breed has specialty clubs dedicated to promoting that particular breed, a national parent club and various local clubs. There are also all-breed clubs, which welcome every kind of registered purebred. Some dog clubs are made up of people who share a common interest, such as tracking, herding or field trials. You can join one club or several and participate in the various activities simultaneously.

    Most local all-breed clubs meet monthly and may offer everything from programs on grooming or breeding to dog show handling classes. Once or twice a year they hold shows and/or trials and AKC-sanctioned matches. Often, these clubs participate in community activities such as local fairs to inform the general public about issues of importance to owners of purebred dogs. Most clubs require newcomers to present recommendations from two current members in good standing. The actual application process, however, varies from club to club.

  • How can I become a member of the American Kennel Club?

    Dog clubs, not individual people, make up the membership of the AKC. Four times each year, delegates from each of the approximately 500 independent clubs assemble at a meeting where they decide the rules of the sport and elect 12 long-time dog fanciers to sit on the Board of Directors.

  • How do I obtain a Junior Handler Number for my child?

    You can e-mail a request or call (919) 233-9767. You can also use the online enrollment form.