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  • Why do you allow inbreeding and line breeding?

    The relationship between the Sire and Dam of the litter has no bearing on registration eligibility. Anyone who considers breeding their dog must consider temperament, health, and finding mates that complement each other. Breeding dogs that are closely related can fix certain characteristics, both desirable and undesirable. Therefore, we would expect that only very experienced breeders would consider inbreeding and line breeding. However, there is no rule that prohibits inbreeding and line breeding; this is left to the discretion of individual breeders.

    Inbreeding - The mating of two closely related dogs of the same breed.

    Line breeding - The practice of mating a dog to a member of an earlier generation of the dog's bloodline.

  • Can you tell me if you have received complaints against a breeder or pet shop?

    If you have any questions about a local breeder or pet shop, it may be advisable for you to contact the Better Business Bureau to determine if they have received complaints against a breeder or firm.

    For reasons of fairness, we would not be able to tell you if we had received a complaint about a particular breeder or firm. Some complaints that are received cannot be substantiated and it would be improper to give out information until the conclusion of an inquiry. If an inquiry leads to a suspension, this information is published in our monthly magazine.